"The Start Music"

Years ago, our tiny home served triple duty as living room, business office, and art studio.   The kitchen island morphed from stand-up desk to ironing board to painting surface to chopping block.

As an artist and an introvert, I am at my most creative in that lovely, quiet, liminal space where time slows, the world disappears, and Ideas can shift and dance and connect in unexpected ways.

It was much more challenging to find that type of space.

One morning, I made a cup of tea, randomly put on Chopin's Nocturnes, and it happened.  The delicate notes were immediately calming.  The music provided separation from our day-to-day world.  Over time, we began to call it "the Start Music".

To this day - at home or in my big, often-loud, shared studio space - I put on the Start Music and am able to immediately drop into that creative place.

We hope this blog will be a place to share artistic ideas and processes, big thoughts and small successes.  And so it seems appropriate to …
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